Thursday, November 12, 2009

Voice Against Female Foeticide Poster Designing Competition

Give vote to the poster you liked most.

Late Entry (Not in Competition)
Display name: *
Alisha, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem (Evening Batch)

Display name: 21

Alisha, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem (Evening Batch)

Display name: 20

Ayush Aggarwal, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 19

Sabitabrata, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem (Evening Batch)

Display name: 18

Karishma Kashyap, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem

Display name: 17
Shubhangi Raheja, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem

Display name: 16

Somay Bhatnagar, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) I sem

Display name: 15

Rahul Singh, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 14

Suhasini, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 13

Prachi Aggarwal, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 1

Sephin Alexander, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 3 sem

Display name: 2

Akshan Raunaq Barla, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 3

Reema Trehan , BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 3 sem

Display name: 4

Shourya Raj Mehrotra, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 3 sem

Display name: 5
Remya Menon, BBA, BIT Allahabad

Display name: 6

Rahul Kumar Rajak, BIT, Lalpur

Display name: 7

Niladri Saha, BIT Deogar

Display name: 8

Rohan Kamra, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 3 sem

Display name: 9

Sanjam Meet, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 5 sem

Display name: 10

Aanchal Sharma, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 5 sem

Display name: 11

Vrishali Mishra, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) V sem

Display name: 12

Kislay, BIT Noida, B.Sc.(A&M) 3 sem

--------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

We have got these enteries for "Voice Against Female Foeticide Poster Designing Competition".

There will be two first prizes:-

1) Judges' Choice

2) Viewer's Choice (Poll Result)

Go ahead and give vote to the poster you liked most.

SPONSORS ARE WELCOME FOR PRIZES! or Any ad agency / similar organization want to buy the rights of some poster, write in comment.


aanchal said...

GOOD GOING........!!
This competition will surely going to make a remarkable change in the competition spirit of the students..

all the best to all the participants. :)

Anonymous said...

Most of them are stupid..(deserve nothin)..some of them are blindly copied..(atleast one that i found)..i really liked one of them though(Disp. 2..Genius!!)..just an opinion!
not disclosing my name, cuz i guess its not allowed!

ayush said...

display no.2 poster is reaaly awesome....

Anonymous said...

none of thm r stupid........i knw comntin is far more easy thn creatin sumthing that has got such noble meaning.All of the r awesome as it really requires sense to put things togethr 2 bring out the meaning.4 is simple and touchin,the poem and quotes in 5 will touch ur heartsand the 8 has realy got power.

Anonymous said...

Gud work folks!!!!!!!!!!
Will promote a noble cause indeed.
To enjoy the participants hard work kindly take pains to open each poster through open link.
These participants hud receive a gud round of applause othr thn fabulous prizes also.
Commendable indeed.

Anonymous said...

Could you please remove the online voting as most of the posters submitted are copied from the net. Heck, one student hasn't even removed the watermark! BIT didn't teach us to steal, but it has taught us how to remove watermarks na!
Plus, usage of external images weren't allowed I guess, as was put in the specifications? So this gives the students an unfair advantage.
So please disqualify these students who are insulting the sanctity of the competitions you hold.
I think you should Google Image search and see that I'm right and use this in your judgment.

Niket Mehta said...

Poster No. 6 has been taken from website

He has not even erased the Name in watermark.

Anonymous said...

I can see that a lot of people have put a lot of efforts into this,and I highly appreciate that. But for most of the stuff here I feel that the concept has not been totally genuine. I feel that many of the ideas here has been derived from various sources available online. The efforts are highly appreciable but what I think after seeing most of the entries here is that the students should have got some basic guide lines to follow before submitting their final submission. Most of the entries here lack,what I call the most basic set of rules in making a poster. For example - using weird font styles,the art looks un finished ,various texts hard to read with the bg color they have. A couple of entries I did like a lot. All the best to all of them though,but encourage these guys to be more creative/unique and to follow at least a basic set of guidelines before entering into a competition. But for them someone has to make them. ;) I really appreciate the efforts taken into initiating this contest though. :)
An Ex.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Most of them are stupid..(deserve nothin)..some of them are blindly copied..(atleast one that i found)..i really liked one of them though(Disp. 2..Genius!!)..just an opinion!
not disclosing my name, cuz i guess its not allowed!"

well! go ahead its surely allowed to disclose your name :)and i would like to say that criticizing something is far more easy than creating the same :) so my dear friend you should not demotivate them by saying such..coz i think at least these participants are expressing their views about such a evil cause in the society through whatever they have learnt so far.....and their this expression are beautiful if we consider the theme of the competition,offcourse if the organizers are finding copied then they will surely going to disqualify the particular contestant but calling them stupid is not the right word.

Anonymous said...

sir,there is a doubt......!!!
why the contestants are confused regarding the theme of the competition........??
the theme given is female foeticide but many of them have mentioned it "female infanticide" in bold letters...i mean there is a lot of difference in both.

aanchal said...

poster 19 is a nice blend of expressing the theme and color combination.

Anonymous said...

Here are the links where the students copied 'their' posters from:

Seriously, is creative dead in BIT now? Wasn't so in my time....Maybe the students are just a bunch of worthless, lazy, morons!

- Batch 05-08

Niket Mehta said...

It will be nice to see who really wins! It would be nice if people genuinely give votes. Why to cheat for a small prize? Be large hearted and give vote honestly. Good effort by many.

Anonymous said...

nice use of grunge brushes in poster 13 and 16....!!!!

Pawan Singh said...

The concept of no 7 is very gud... though some of the pictures are taken from the internet but the final poster is looking really attractive.No 3 and no13 have done done a great job as well..

Anonymous said...

Here are the links where the students copied 'their' posters from:

Seriously, is creative dead in BIT now? Wasn't so in my time....Maybe the students are just a bunch of worthless, lazy, morons!"
no one can be perfect..maybe u r ryt..maybe we r "lazy worhless morons"..even more..
but d thing is.. students did work 4 diz posters..der is less of creativity,more copied art..i agree.. but u can't anonymously say dis things n walk off..many of dem r totally original thots..
also, ideas need stuffs..wat u imagine to create can't put off just wid ur drawing sketched in softwares..we need real photoz to give real feeling,atleast upto sum extent..just tell me how d hell can sumone get a pic of a embryo in a womb by himself..does dat mean he shud drop his Xcelent idea/imagination.just coz s/he is not gud in sketching n colouring..
third thing i wana say is..u shud aprieciate there effort toward d issue..this comptetion is not just to find a winner or loser..its also abt people views toward dis social problem n aware d society abt it thru der thots..atleast aware himself toward it, so dat s/he is not doing d same thing in future..atlest 21 galz will be safe as i xpect..

Niket Mehta said...

Well Said Kislay!

ayush said...

its a awesome reply from kislay .........gr8

Richa said...


soumana datta said...





Niket Mehta said...

@ soumana datta ...

You may use these posters to spread the word. We'll be happy if you give acknowledgement to BIT and student somewhere in the poster.

~Blog Admin

Anonymous said...

stop female foeticide plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

stop female feoticide
save girl child
save future mothers and grandmothers


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