Thursday, December 11, 2014

BIT Noida Alumnus - Yatish Asthana's interior project for Dunkin Donuts, C P

Here's the big project by BIT Noida Alumnus - Yatish Asthana - "CP LOVE ". The interior wall art for Dunkin Donuts, CP. And its literally big - 11 feet high and 17 feet wide ..
The wall art is done in collaboration with amazing artists- Karthik SS and Jonathan Vijay Stephen .
The illustrations on Alphabets CP are done by Jonathan while I worked on the background illustration of entire CP. Its isometric vector illustration of CP.
So, next time when you go to Dunkin Donuts in CP, go and have a look at the wall. Share your views and feedback

Contact Yastish at -

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Utelise your winter break by doing some social work with Chetna NGO

"Chetna" encourage students to take part in some voluntary activities for the welfare of the society in the winter break. (Shared by a BIT Student)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Umeedon ki Udaan" - a TV series on Doordarshan made by BIT Noida alumnus Anshul Agarwal

Doordarshan is airing a TV series "Umeedon ki Udaan" a project by UNICEF and Doordarshan.
It will have 35 stories which have been captured by BIT Noida alumnus Anshul Agrawal.

Anshul's Facebook page - 

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